A Guide for Service Professionals + E-Book

Autoren: Maria und Heinz Gartlgruber, Wilhelm Gutmayer, Hans Stickler

248 Seiten, 20,5×27, broschiert, 4-farbig
ISBN 978-3-99062-676-4

Service: from good to great!

Along with the basic tools of the trade, including properly setting a table, a refined beverage service, and a thorough knowledge of service systems, styles and techniques, a courteous, polite and unobtrusive interaction with customers is essential.

It doesn’t end there. Excellent recommendations while taking a guest’s order, the professional handling of complaints, and understanding and warmth in communicating with foreigners are important as well.

A service professional must also be able to plan, organize and carry out all kinds of events to create a memorable experience for all guests.​